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Hair - aka the epic jizzynuggets comeback

Title: Hair
Pairing: jongtae
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 1900
A/n: I usually write everything in caps lock, but since I was accompanied by the lovely linnhe, I decided to make an exception. Everything you read here inspired by the very gay (and enjoyable) interactions as seen between Jonghyun and Taemin in the last SHINee World concert. SEXUAL FRUSTRATION LIFE.


Taemin struggled, trying to push Jonghyun off of him.

“Quit being such a tease,” Jonghyun breathed into Taemin’s ear.

“I’m not being a tease, you’re being an asshole,” Taemin bit back, pushing against him.

Jonghyun was sick of the maknae’s constant fits. Every time he tried to make a move on that sweet piece of ass he would get cockblocked. Taemin let out a breathy little sigh, his eyebrows furrowing.

“I thought this is what you wanted.” Jonghyun was getting impatient, pushing harder against the pretty boy underneath his hands.

“What gave you that idea, been listening to Dumbass FM again? Tell Minho I said hi.”

Jonghyun was really going to lose it this time. He figured it was easy to get confused by a few weird looks, but it was not alright to press your half hard cock against someone and get mad about it afterwards.

“Will you get your dick off my ass already,” Taemin hissed, trying to turn around in the cage of Jonghyun’s arms. He was being really feisty, and incredibly hard to read.

“No, not this time.” Jonghyun wasn’t going to let that little brat off easy anymore. He took the handcuffs hanging from his wrist, and quickly joined him and Taemin together. “Make your way out of this one, asshole”

“Is this your idea of being funny?” Taemin grunted, ineffectively trying to get the cuff off his wrist. “Stop fucking around already, where’s the key, I know you have it.”

Jonghyun snorted. “What makes you think I have the key?”

Taemin swore under his breath. “Goddamnit, you can’t be pulling this shit right now, we have more songs to perform.”

“But this is exactly the right time for pulling this kind of shit,” Jonghyun laughed, as he dragged Taemin with him to his dressing room. “There’s nothing that turns me on more than the possibility of getting kicked out of SM for skipping a few songs. For fucking the maknae.”

Taemin scoffed, struggling as he was being pulled along. “Who said there’s gonna be any fucking? Stop playing around and tell me what I have to do to get out of these fucking things.”

“You are handcuffed, I don’t think you have any say in this.”

Taemin struggled harder when he realized Jonghyun was pulling him to the floor.

“I always imagined you on a bed, but this will have to do for now,” Jonghyun smiled as he placed Taemin on the cold, concrete floor. Taemin looked up at him from where he was sitting on his knees, his face the perfect picture of disgust.

“So what, you think I’m gonna suck your dick now?”

“If that’s your idea of foreplay.”

“Is it gonna get me out of these wretched things?”

Jonghyun had his stupid thinking dinosaur look on when he paused to consider the possibilities.

“Yes, it will get you out of the cuffs, but you still have some work to do.”

Taemin laughed, unbelieving. Then he seemed to come to a realization. “You think I’m not gonna call you on your bluff, hyung? Think I’m not gonna open up your jeans and blow you?”

He leaned forward a little, just the tip of his nose brushing against Jonghyun’s zipper. Jonghyun jerked involuntarily, his eyes growing wide. “I’d make it so good, hyung,” Taemin whispered against his crotch, smiling widely and letting just the tip of his tongue peek from in between his teeth, “suck you down, wet and deep.”

He looked like sin personified.

It took Jonghyun what seemed like an eternity to snap out of what was happening. Finally, he reached for Taemin’s face and pulled it close to his crotch. “Prove it”.

Taemin brought up a hand, putting more distance between his face and Jonghyun’s erection. But he left the hand resting there, applying slight but very noticeable pressure.

“No,” he said, smile still in place.

Jonghyun placed his hand on top of Taemin’s and pushed it against his dick. He wouldn’t take his eyes off Taemin’s, trying to figure out if the boy was playing around or actually going to give in this time. Taemin leaned into his hand, and he couldn’t tell if it was because he was resisting the direction it was guiding him in or because he liked the touch.

Jonghyun’s cock twitched under Taemin’s fingers and his head tilted backwards as he let out a soft moan. Suddenly he could feel Taemin’s hand move on his oiled abs, stroking the perfectly formed muscles.

“You like that, hyung?” Taemin asked, letting his tongue slip out further and wetting his upper lip. “Are you picturing my mouth on your cock?”

Jonghyun rolled his eyes and straightened himself. He then reached for Taemin’s hair, pulling him backwards to have a look at his face. Taemin’s reaction wasn’t what he’d expected, his eyes rolling back into his skull as they slid shut, a barely there moan slipping past his lips.

“You really need to stop doing that,” he said lowly, regaining some composure.

“I don’t think you really mean that,” Jonghyun smiled wickedly. He kneeled down next to Taemin and pulled his face close. “I think you actually liked it”

He could feel Taemin’s breath against his skin, short and slightly frantic puffs. The power had shifted, and they both knew it.

Jonghyun laughed as he got back up again. He was enjoying the look on Taemin’s face, a mixture of longing and pride, the struggle not to show anything more than that obvious.

“Pull it again,” Taemin said, every syllable dripping with resentment, yet so soft Jonghyun wouldn’t have caught it if he hadn’t been waiting for it.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

“You heard me,” Taemin hissed, trying to pull himself free. It was a half- hearted attempt at most.

“I don’t think I did though.” Jonghyun softly tugged Taemin’s hair just to get another reaction.

Taemin’s response was immediate, his brows knitting together in pleasure, another moan joining the previous one. He was looking up at Jonghyun now, breaths heavy, clearly waiting for more.

“You know,” Jonghyun noted, “there is something you could do for me.”

Taemin kept looking at him as he slowly reached up, undoing and unzipping Jonghyun’s jeans with swift, jerky little motions.

“Pull my hair,” he demanded.

“You’re gonna have to take it in first,” Jonghyun said, “all of it”

Taemin bared his teeth in a silent snarl, pulling down the waistband of Jonghyun’s boxer briefs. They both looked down to see the tip of his straining erection, hard against Jonghyun’s tanned stomach. He leaned forward, suddenly looking very young and very nervous.

“What’s the matter?” Jonghyun asked while he played with Taemin’s hair.

The younger glanced at him briefly, then leaned forward and pressed the tip of his tongue to what he’d bared of Jonghyun’s dick, a surprised look flitting across his face.

Jonghyun let out a desperate hiss, and then proceeded to pull down his boxer briefs the rest of the way.

“Don’t tease me, Taemin,” he whispered, voice heavy with lust, “just take it all.”

Jonghyun grabbed the back of Taemin’s head and pushed it onto his throbbing cock.Taemin parted his lips only slightly, making just enough room for the tip. His tongue slipped out again, swirling slowly around Jonghyun’s straining flesh. The older let out a loud moan, Taemin’s hot and wet mouth around his cock was making it almost impossible for him to keep standing up.

Taemin seemed encouraged by the noise, taking in Jonghyun a little deeper, who was reminded of Taemin’s taunts earlier.

“Didn’t you say you were gonna suck me hard?”

“I said wet and deep,” Taemin murmured around him.

“Put your money where your mouth is,” Jonghyun suggested, gathering a hand-full of Taemin’s hair in his fist. He could feel Taemin twitch impatiently below him, just before he pulled the younger one backwards so violently it made Taemin keen in pleasure.

Taemin’s eyes were unfocused, his mouth open and his breaths now hard and ragged. He took in Jonghyun, his fist curling at the base of his erection as he sucked him in all the way.

“Don’t stop,” he said in between sucks, “just don’t stop.”

Jonghyun tugged at Taemin’s hair, this time pulling him towards himself, making sure the maknae couldn’t stop.

Hmm,” Taemin moaned around him, pressing his tongue against the cock in his mouth, making it slide against the roof of his mouth. Jonghyun’s knees buckled and he was forced to lean on Taemin for balance, who took it as his cue to take him in deeper, making soft gagging sounds as he forced himself further down.

Jonghyun’s eyes closed in pleasure, pulling Taemin’s hair so hard he feared he might really be hurting the younger boy, but Taemin’s face betrayed nothing of the sort, his expression one of pure ecstasy. He didn’t even seem to be registering anything outside their little bubble anymore, sucking down on Jonghyun harsher every time he was tugged, letting out halted, desperate moans.

“I want to come in your mouth,” Jonghyun sighed. He let go of Taemin’s hair only to place his hand firmly on the boy’s throat, pressing on it ever so slightly. Taemin gagged in response, looking irritated by the fact that Jonghyun was no longer pulling his hair, but also excited.

“Am I gonna make you come, hyung?” he murmured, pulling back and sucking on only the tip of Jonghyun’s cock in between words. “Fill up my mouth? Get it dirty?”

Jonghyun’s ears were burning at Taemin’s words, his eyes tearing up with how much they were turning him on. He thrust into Taemin’s hot mouth, picking up the pace. When his come hit the back of the maknae’s throat, Taemin eyes fluttered shut, pressing himself so close his nose was buried in the hair just below Jonghyun’s waist. He was breathing in deeply, seemingly revelling in his scent, pulling back and swallowing once Jonghyun stopped coming, dragging his tongue along his length and dipping down to take his balls into his mouth, relishing the moment.

Startled by the aftershocks Jonghyun grabbed tight onto Taemin’s hair.

“You’re insatiable, aren’t you?” Taemin seemed to snap out of it at his words.

“Let go of me,” the younger growled, pulling back and awkwardly getting to his feet. Jonghyun could see him straining against the front of his pants, but when he reached for him Taemin jerked back violently. “A deal’s a deal, get me out of these things.”

Jonghyun started pulling his pants back on as he looked at Taemin with a wide smile spreading across his face.

“What if I’m not done with you yet?” He still had some ideas he’d been toying with.

“No, you’re done.”

Jonghyun felt disappointed. He sighed and reached for the back pocket of his jeans, pulling out a small silvery key. Taemin’s eyes widened.

“Are you telling me you had that on you all this time?”

“Well of course, you didn’t think I’d use handcuffs I didn’t have the key to, did you? I’m not stupid.”

Taemin tapped his foot impatiently, pulling his hand free the moment the lock clicked. He pushed his hair out of his face, straightening out his shirt and trying to make it look like he hadn’t just given someone a blowjob.

“Don’t let me catch you bragging about this to Minho-hyung. Understood?”

“Aw come on, he’d be so jealous.”


Jonghyun snorted “Or else what? You’re gonna suck my dick again?” He raised his eyebrows suggestively at Taemin as he uncuffed his own wrist.

“You’re hilarious,” Taemin said, walking out the room. With the door opened Jonghyun could hear the fans chanting in the distance, shouting “Shinee’s back!” at the top of their lungs, and he smiled.

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